1. genghisconnie's Avatar
    I haven't noticed any rhyme or reason (time of day, area code, contact or new call), but my phone doesn't always ring. I'm constantly checking for voice mails.

    I'm having plenty of other intermittent connection problems (no mobile connection and/or no wi-fi connection) regardless of where I am. I've manually reset twice & constantly reboot the phone. It's 2 weeks old and Sprint *&&^&^*&^&!!@@!! continues to say it's a connectivity issue, not the phone.

    Anyone? Pretty please? I have no home phone, so it's pretty important in case I need to call 911 after bashing my head open with this device. Thanks!
    04-26-2014 04:51 PM
  2. dancing-bass's Avatar
    A few questions: Is this a new device? Is it new to you (as in you just got it, and were previously using a different device)? Did your troubles begin before or after getting your S4? Has the phone been dropped or damaged?

    See if you can borrow another Sprint device and check your signal strength at your place with it. If it also has the same trouble it is a coverage issue, not a device issue. If the other device works great but yours does not, talk to your carrier about getting a new SIM. Start with that and see how things go.

    Samsung tends to be known for having weaker radios compared with other cell phones - meaning they're not as good as pulling in a signal. If you're in an area of weak/low coverage the fact that you have a Samsung could be just enough to cause your problems. However the fact that you also have problems with WiFi has me curious
    04-27-2014 10:10 AM
  3. androidcentral8450's Avatar
    It's 2 weeks old and Sprint *&&^&^*&^&!!@@!! continues to say it's a connectivity issue, not the phone.
    Hi Genghisconnie. First, unless you live in a poor Sprint area, this is definitely not a connection issue. Granted, there are times when I get voicemails without getting calls but that is when I am on the subway - underground.

    I quoted a portion of your previous comment. I have Sprint and, unless their policy has changed, you have 14 days to test a phone. Review your contract to verify but I am almost positive that is the case. If it has really been two weeks, I would sprint (pun intended) to the closest store and get a replacement phone. Bring a copy of your contract in the event the Sprint rep gives you a hard time.
    04-28-2014 07:20 AM

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