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    You know how in Windows you can optimize each folder for a certain file type so it always shows the columns you want in Win Explorer?

    Such as... I tell Windows my "Pics" folder should be optimized for IMAGES, then when I choose the columns I want to display for IMAGE folders (date taken, dimensions, camera type, etc) I can then assign the "IMAGE" type to other folders & they show the same columns.

    And for my MUSIC folder I may want to display columns of artist, album, etc.

    All the folders on my phone - both the internal storage and the SD card - seem to be "optimized" for MUSIC files. When I hook my phone to my computer & view the files on the phone in Win Explorer, when I right-click on the column headings area the only choices I have for detail columns to display are the ones for MUSIC files - artist, album, track number, genre, etc, etc. All the other "normal" column choices for other file types aren't even available in the list for me to choose.

    And when I right-click on the folder and choose PROPERTIES, the CUSTOMIZE button that is normally available (for folders on the computer drive) isn't there at all for folders on the phone storage (internal or SD card).

    How can I get the other detail column choices?

    Any help appreciated!
    04-29-2014 07:34 AM

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