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    I tried unsuccessfully to post this in the Android OS forum section, so I'll try again here in the more lively S4 section.

    My friend at work has a cheapie smartphone running vanilla Android and whenever he has music playing his lock screen background, rather than displaying the cover art, displays an audio visualizer.
    Having an S4 w/ 4.4.2 I have looked everywhere to try and replicate this behavior.
    He uses Play Music and Pattern lock, and I have looked through all of the settings in both and can't find anything about a visualizer.
    I turned to third party apps but they have a major limitation- they are live wallpapers and if you make the lock screen live on our phones the home screen mirrors it, which I don't want. Also the lock screen doesn't allow unlock effects with a live wallpaper.
    It seems his visualizer is a function of the "music is playing" lock screen.
    Where our default lock screen shows the cover art when music is playing, his shows a visualizer which I think looks a lot nicer.

    Any help?
    I'm guessing this be a feature Samsung tossed out?

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    05-12-2014 07:15 AM

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