1. Essence Jackson's Avatar
    How to fix water damage and why won't it charge or come on now. It was on then it went off and I put it on the charger and the battery symbol came on but it wasn't charging. Now it's not doing anything help please
    05-15-2014 11:26 AM
  2. Sophia Zhao's Avatar
    After water damage, the first thing is to dry it. You'd better assemble the phone and put the components on the air, and then put into the rice. When you think the water have been dried, you can disassemble and turn on the phone until now. But now, it seems the water have damaged the mother board, you can do really less.
    First, try your LCD screen on the other logic board to make sure if it can work. Or just send to the repair shop to test whether the motherboard problem or the screen or USB board problem.
    05-16-2014 01:42 AM

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