1. WiscMel's Avatar
    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 through US Cellular. Got it in January or so and have had no problems. Until today.

    Today I noticed three things:
    1. there's a new icon that is simply the '@' symbol in the upper left corner. It's never been there before. It's not the notifier to tell me I have an email or anything else that I can see. Just in case, I checked all my email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. No messages from any of those so that's not what it is. I've searched lists of Android icons but can't find that one.

    2. The icons on the upper right corner don't look quite right. I tried to take a screenshot but they show up fine in that. They almost look sort of blurry and if I look closely I can see other numbers and letters below them. I know I'm not explaining it well. If I then launch any apps, they clear up immediately.

    3. There's that multi-window thing on the left side...the little arrow you can tap that pulls out a larger menu? Suddenly I have two of those instead of one. I never used the first one, and had it disabled for a while. Now it's back and it's brought a friend, apparently. When I click on the lower one, I get the regular multi window. When I tap the upper one, I was getting the Google Camera app. I uninstalled that, but the arrow remains. Tapping it doesn't launch anything now.

    I have done a battery pull and restarted the phone several times. I've uninstalled most of my apps from Google Play, thinking that something must be conflicting. Nothing has changed.

    I'd be eternally grateful to anyone who might have any great ideas!
    05-16-2014 01:04 AM
  2. Bosbouer's Avatar
    If a factory reset does not cure it, I'd say its time to test Samsung's warranty?
    05-16-2014 06:27 AM

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