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    Hello, my name is Shahik and I'm from India. I had purchased a samsung galaxy s4 one year back from uae and the phone was working perfectly. A week back my phone had battery issues, I replaced the battery, the very next day my phone went off and I couldn't turn my phone off, I took the phone to the Samsung service center and they figured out that my power button is not working. After they replaced the power button, they restored my phone with a new firmware, and ever since that my phone's sound, wifi, bluetooth, menu button, back button, screen rotation and the sensors are working.
    When I checked the pda and the csc it's getting matched with the Indian firmware not with the uae one.
    I did a wipe, installed the uae firmware through odin, my phone wasn't supporting carrier and I still was facing all the above mentioned problems.
    Now I have installed the Indian firmware, my phone supports my carrier. And the other problems are still the same.
    Please help me, I am not able to do anything with the phone, the Samsung service center people now say that it's a uae phone and they cannot touch it.
    Please any suggestions and ideas would help alot.
    Thank you!
    05-21-2014 12:23 AM

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