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    after hard reset to my phone i encountered a unique problem, my contacts are synced an visible in contact list, but they dont show up in incoming messages or call, i tried following solutions already,
    1. re sync google,
    2. change google account and imported contacts,
    2. contacts to display changed to all contacts,
    3. deleted facebook account
    4. saved contacts as vcf and again uploaded them.
    4. downloaded the csv file and then replaced all number with country code with normal numbers and again uploaded them on google
    5. saved all contacts on phone memory.
    6. downloaded different messaging and dialer and contact apps from play store.

    incoming messages show my contact number along with country code but the contact name is not shown , same is the case with incoming calls
    help needed. i am using android version 4.2.2 , and google as my contacts sync, facebook app is still deleted. looking fwd for advices please
    05-21-2014 11:56 AM

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