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    I've had my Samsung Galaxy S4 for almost a year. I have TrustGo installed as my security app, which scans for malware and has secure web browsing capabilities.

    This morning, with no abnormal action from me (I was in an app, but had not used my browser all day), TrustGo took over my screen with the following notification:
    Phone Appears to Beacon--Possible Malware-screenshot_2014-05-28-19-09-08.jpg

    I had visited this website earlier in the day from my computer using Chrome, which is signed into the same Google account as my phone. Otherwise, I had done nothing to initiate this action. I told TrustGo to "Block", and it went away, but came back again a few minutes later. It has been coming back every few minutes for the rest of the day.

    I have run the TrustGo Malware scan, and it has detected nothing, and I also tried installing Malwarebytes and running their malware scan, but it didn't find anything either. Does anybody know what might be causing my phone to do this, and more importantly, how to make it stop?
    05-28-2014 07:16 PM

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