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    So, I have Prey installed on my S4. I registered the device, went to set it up and in doing so, chose "Hides the Prey Icon from the Home." All well and good, but now the bloody icon is not only, not on the home screen, it has disappeared from the apps menu. How do I get the icon back in order to use the bloody app?

    Am running v4.4.2 on the phone and Prey v1.0.14. There doesn't appear to be a hide apps/show apps option in the menu. There is a "show disabled apps" option but it is also greyed out. I am unable to uninstall the app from the apps manager, as both uninstall and force stop are greyed out. When I try to Deactivate it in order to remove and reinstall, I get "This app is a device administrator and must be deactivated before uninstalling."

    Any assistance would be appreciated.
    05-29-2014 01:39 PM

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