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    I have a cricket galaxy s4 with an issue. Everytime I call someone In call voice dont work I cant hear and they can't hear me either.( mic works I tested) I tried everything update it. Factory reset. Custom rom but no luck I also took it to all repair shops in town but none know how to fix it. They suggested me to find a phone with a broken digitizer and swap the motherboard into mine. My questions is if a verizon or sprint board will fit my cricket r970c.? As far as I know the r970 is cdma only and verizon sprint is cdma as well but gsm capable.. so it will be great to have gsm as well. I know if I do the board swap I basically gonna have a verizon/sprint phone but no big deal I can flash it back to cricket just want to know if it will fit into my r970c frame/digitizer. Any suggestions and opinions are helpful. Thanks.

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    06-03-2014 10:21 PM

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