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    Today I was scrolling through the Gallery and deleting some pictures.
    I came across a particular image I wanted to move rather than delete.
    Since Gallery doesn't do moving, I had to go through the file explorer.
    After I moved the picture, I returned to the Gallery through my recent apps.
    When I did, the Gallery had advanced one picture, as expected.
    When I scrolled backward, rather than the previous picture "slide in" animation, the new picture began building from the center of the screen in a spiral.
    I went forward and the normal slide in animation was back. I went backward and the spiral animation played.
    I kept going back and forth and only this one picture had a spiral animation.

    My phone (on 4.4.2) is rooted and completely molested with tweaks, but none pertain to the Gallery, so I believe this is a glitch/easter egg with the Gallery app itself.
    I haven't tried to recreate this behavior yet, so I'm unsure if it isn't just a one time thing.
    I figured I'd share what I did to cause it and see if anyone else has had this happen.

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    06-04-2014 05:58 PM

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