1. sbuxman's Avatar
    Is it the device? Is it the phone, firmware? Is it the model of my car? Is it Google Voice?

    All of these questions remain unanswered as I try to successfully replace my Motorola T505 with a new Bluetooth device for my car.

    What isn't in dispute is the almost total FAILURE of the two devices I've brought home from my Verizon store thus far: first the Motorola Roadster2 and then the Jabra Freeway. So why should I hope for anything different as I try my 3rd device, a cheaper Motorola model, the TX550 Sonic Rider?

    I long for the days of my non-smart phones that worked peerlessly with the Motorola T505, and the same success continued as I crossed over to the Smart Side with my purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S4 over a year ago. Then, my T505 started to show signs of aging and ultimately the need for replacement. I thought I'd have great new experiences with any new device...wrong.

    Neither the ROADSTER 2 nor the Jabra Freeway had been able to get untracked after I successfully paired them, with problems ranging from not working at all; very poor, scratchy Google voice; playing music instead; not recognizing the numbers I was telling the device to call, et al. Whatever voice program worked so well in the old days, pre-smartphone, would sure be welcomed back at this point.

    Can anyone offer some wisdom or suggest fixes that can get me back on the road to excellent Bluetooth performance? I can't believe that consecutive, brand-new devices out-of-the-box can be this unreliable.

    And to offer glimpses of the type of "help" I received when I contacted several manufacturers, I offer this: Samsung said that I should purchase a Samsung Bluetooth device for smooth, reliable operation. Why would that be? Why did the Motorola T505 work so well with my S4 before the T505 started to give up the ghost? Motorola's "help" was the most abysmal...impossible-to-understand support rep who continued to put me on hold as she obviously sought the information I came to her for...pardon the grammar. Forget Jabra as well, "no idea" why the Samsung was having problems. And Verizon recommended that I just keep trying until I find the perfect device...that's a really big help!?

    Now Im hearing about problems with KitKat? Why isnt there better support and a fix for these problems? Trying to get them is like pulling teethtime consuming and painful, with a big crimp in the time we have in each day to accomplish so many other things than repeated trips to the nearest Verizon store to exchange and try another problem!

    Hoping to hear something positive that really works to end this misery.

    Thank you!
    06-08-2014 01:23 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Have you seen about anything to do with audio on your car? Perhaps there is an update there that can help?
    06-08-2014 11:04 AM

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