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    Hi - I have a Samsung Galaxy S4.
    Software version: L720VPUFNAE
    Hardware version: L720.08
    Android version: 4.4.2

    Over the past several months. I have noticed that when I click the power button to bring up the screen, it will take several times clicking the button. Either the screen doesn't come up right away or it does, but when I touch the screen to unlock it, the screen shuts off. Sometimes, after clicking the power button, the screen will finally come "alive" so I can unlock it. Other times I have to long press to restart the phone. The battery is good so that's not the prob.

    Within the last week, when I want to type a text or comment on an app/IM, I have to touch the field so the "cursor" goes into the field, hit the back button, and do this a few times so when I type the letters actually appear. (That prob makes no sense...)

    Every once and a while, the alarms don't go off. I use the blocking mode, but I have "alarm and timer" deselected.

    My Outlook emails are still coming into my phone, but the calendar is no longer synced. It's showing as display. I removed and re-added the calendar and manually synced it, but no dice.

    Anyone else experience these items? I really want to avoid restoring to default and starting over. Such a PITA.
    06-13-2014 10:56 AM

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