1. jshe0729's Avatar
    Hi, please help me out.
    I bought an used galaxy s4 and it turned out to be a work phone. I'm clueless to what to do at this point.
    android version: 4.2.2. CPU model : MT 6589 . no root access.
    Ram: 472 MB total, 90 Mb available.
    Ram speed 682
    these are functions that I am having problem with.

    1. Slow! I ran antutu benchmark, turns out it has a lowest ranking. number that i got was 8986 . (2 times lower than the original s4 )
    2. internal memory is limited to 2 Gb. Did they restrict the usage or is that what i have? How do I know that?
    3. prohibited youtube from running
    4. Under settings --> my device --> lock screen --> I only have one menu which is home and lock screens to change the pictures.
    ( don't have multiwidge menu etc,. )
    5. Under blocking mode --> on --> no further menu even if I press on blocking mode
    6. CAMERA --> so slow!. takes about a sec to take a decent picture and the resolution is not good. but even some of the slow/ fast video options are absent.

    I came down to this conclusion. someone purposely downgraded the phone/ restricted to go into further menus. is there anyway that I can put this phone back to original? I don't care how fast the phone is. please help me out.
    06-15-2014 12:47 PM
  2. lizardchest's Avatar
    Did you try a factory reset?
    06-15-2014 12:52 PM
  3. jshe0729's Avatar
    yup. same as before.
    06-15-2014 01:02 PM
  4. ImperialDoor's Avatar
    Depending on your the phone's carrier, I would take it there and see if they can fix it.

    Posted via Android Central App
    06-15-2014 09:43 PM

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