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    So after watching a YouTube video (can't remember what about) where the guy has Nova on his phone I decided to give it another shot. This time the result was beautiful. It's so much faster without Touch Wiz (Nova Prime is my default launcher now). This is what I got.

    I'm still working on replacing all the stock stuff. So far got a calculator that is awesome, custom keyboard which I put on within the first three months, textra replaces stock messages, contacts+ replaces contacts and I've also got the Google Now OK Google functionality without opening the app thanks to Nova. How do I disable the stock apps? How do I change the notification toggles without rooting?

    Show me your customs people

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    Attached Thumbnails Show off your S4 customisations-screenshot_2014-06-25-19-28-17.jpg   Show off your S4 customisations-screenshot_2014-06-25-19-27-55.jpg   Show off your S4 customisations-screenshot_2014-06-25-19-27-51.jpg   Show off your S4 customisations-screenshot_2014-06-25-19-32-35.jpg   Show off your S4 customisations-screenshot_2014-06-25-19-33-09.jpg  

    Show off your S4 customisations-2014-06-25-18.37.44.jpg  
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