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    Has anyone else noticed the recent apps screen background is black if you have a live wallpaper?
    I always just assumed the recent apps background was just broken on the S4, but when I set my wallpaper as a static image, recent apps all of the sudden has a transparent background like it did on my S2 (even though my S2 had a live wallpaper).

    My best guess is that when you open the recent apps window, the live wallpaper closes like it does when a normal app opens over it, which would explain the black background.
    My S2 has 4.1, so at some point for the S4 between 4.2 and 4.4 it was broken and never fixed.

    I would assume there's no 3rd party fix or simpke workaround for this given it isn't that pressing of an issue.
    Being rooted and having Xposed, I tried a module that was supposed to make the recent apps background transparent, but it didn't work, so the problem likely lies in the behavior of the wallpaper itself- closing when recent apps opens over it.

    Both my Galaxy S4 and Galaxy MEGA go black with a live wallpaper, only my S2 goes transparent with a live wallpaper.
    What gives?

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    07-02-2014 06:10 PM

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