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    I want to introduce you into my problem... It's clear - smartphone is not charging. It's as popular as the camera failed problem. So, my opinion about Galaxy S4 is #omgwhatadamaged****.

    I've already bought new microUSB flex and mounted it. My S4 is still not charging. All with microUSB dock except charging is working. The smartphone is being recongized by Windows 7 and it's going well when I want to copy some files on/from it. So the only one problem is CHARGING, he is not getting any power from charger. I've even tried with other batteries (this from GT-I8190N) and it doesn't work too. Maybe it's battery connector problem? I mean this 4 gold pins outta there which connects with battery. Or maybe I did some wrong when I was replacing it?

    Summary: I've bought an used Galaxy S4, which had "Camera failed" pop-up after updating to 4.4 and on second charging after my purchase he wasn't able to get any power. The first one was working, but slowly as hell!

    I was wondering about the new camera module purchase, but for what I need it, if my phone isn't charing and I can't do with it anything?!
    And maybe I should return it and get another one usb flex with the reason it's not working?

    Thank you guys for help,
    07-06-2014 05:48 AM
  2. chrumekk's Avatar
    Would someone like to help me? ://
    07-11-2014 04:35 AM

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