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    Everything was fine and dandy for me with 4.3 MK2, but with towelroot out I figured now was a good time as any to update. Update to 4.4.2 NAE was fine using Odin, except now I'm having some audio related issues that I'm wondering if it's because of NAE or if it's because of an update gone wrong (corrupt piece somewhere). Basically experiencing two issues

    one - audio skips every now and then even when I'm not actively using the phone. This is happening to me in Rocket Player, Spotify. I'll have music playing, screen off, and for no reason I can see the audio skips. Immediately after the skip I'll check CPU usage using CoolTool's graph and don't really see any big spikes.

    two - while in Rocket Player, MX Player, VLC or Spotify ANY app if I press the volume up button the system freezes for about 6-8 seconds before the app is responsive again. during this I can switch back to the Home screen, but the app I was in is unresponsive. this is even when I'm in the app, but not actively using the app (no music/movie is being played). if I have music playing, but I switch to the Home screen, the button works fine.

    anyone run into either of these two problems?
    08-04-2014 09:00 AM

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