1. Darrell Wildthing's Avatar
    installed kitkat 4.4.2 update and ive got problems when i hold my phone long ways horizontal unlock it the phone doesnt automatically display the right way i have to flip the phone and flip it back to get it to display the correct way. also when i go on facebook (NOT THE APP) via browser to full site i can no longer access my gallery/photos all i get is camera, camcorder, sound recorder and a document program.

    phone was fine before this bloody update and they want me to send it off for 7-10 days to fix it and they want to send me a jiffy bag and they say if it gets damaged im to take it up with royal mail because its my responsibility screw that crap!!

    i just want it fixed!! i did a factory restore and useless i did a firmware update on that keis 3 still the same.
    08-18-2014 11:35 AM
  2. UJ95x's Avatar
    Welcome to AC
    I don't think I've ever seen a phone show horizontally when on the lock screen. Were you able to do that on yours?
    Is there a reason you're not using the mobile Facebook app instead of on the browser?
    08-18-2014 01:46 PM
  3. Darrell Wildthing's Avatar
    i think you miss read or probably more likely i miss typed something!! if i have my phone horizontal as above using a browser my lock screen and home screens are not horizontal they never are. anyway if i lock the phone when i unlock it the browser is still there but the screen orientation is the other way same as home and lock screen.

    as for facebook app i hate apps i avoid using them where possible plus you can do 99% of things via browser on full site the only thing i cant do is watch video for which i switch to the mobile site. The facebook app im told drains the battery and slows the phone down. not to mention how intrusive it can be wanting to know your contacts and link everything to facebook.

    i did hear there is a problem with the facebook app on android over the past few days too but thats no surprise im always hearing stuff about it on facebook
    08-19-2014 05:14 AM
  4. Darrell Wildthing's Avatar
    nobody else with this problem ?
    08-23-2014 03:08 PM

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