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    Good day to you all,

    Recently after a small Android update (still having version 4.4.2) I noticed the battery was draining faster than it used to. Before that, it was consuming roughly 1% per hour in idle. This has changed now to 3-5% per hour. Looking at the battery info I noticed the Android system was the biggest batterysucker here. Not only that, there are even TWO Android systems shown and I began to think there's something wrong here

    TWO Android systems draining battery??-screenshot_2014-08-23-13-59-58.jpg

    Also looking at the wakelocks shows that my phone is barely able to get into sleepmode.

    TWO Android systems draining battery??-screenshot_2014-08-23-14-00-19.jpg

    Before posting this thread I have literally tried every option to see if it could lessen the battery consumption:
    - Disabled Google location reporting services
    - Disabled GPS
    - Disabled Google sync
    - Disable Wifi when in Sleep mode
    - I don't use Google Now so it's disabled
    - Widen the Facebook refresh intervals to 4 hours
    - Wiped the cache partition

    None of the above worked and I started to think that the second Android system here might be the cause.

    Should there be a second Android system consuming battery? What could be the problem here??
    08-23-2014 09:15 AM