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    I own Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 and it is rooted. I recently purchased a class 10 Sandisk Micro SD card with 64 GB capacity. I was very happy that I did but my happiness did not last long when I have come to know that 3rd party apps do not have write permission in Kitkat. After some research I was successful to make the SD card writable to 3rd party apps by modifying the permissions.xml file.

    Everything seems to be fine at this time but it was not actually. The SD card when seen under storage in settings would show me that it is mounted with 62.5 GB capacity and 60 GB free. But when I try to browse the files in SD card, there are nothing. Apps saved in SD card do not open and I am also unable to capture images from camera to SD card storage.

    I thought may be unmounting the SD card and mounting it back would work and it worked but after a while the same problem. My device shows that it has mounted an SD card but cannot access anything saved in it. So, I have to unmount and mount SD card every time and this is very much annoying.

    Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks you for your time.
    08-24-2014 02:57 AM
  2. Yuukiw's Avatar
    class 10 seems to be the probelem.
    I qoute someone from the sandisk forum on this matter:

    Guys, it's not the card - it's the Class 10 rating. You want a Class 2 or Class 4, but nothing higher than 4. You don't want high read/write speeds, you want high Random Access response times.

    Class 10 = High Write/Read, Very Low Random Access response times.

    Class 2 = Low Read/Write, Very High Random Access response times.

    It's a give or take, but not both. You don't want high read/write speeds on sdcards, they are all very slow anyways.

    Class 10 cards are for digital cameras that has 10 to 20 MB of data to write as fast as it can. They are not for mobile devices.

    All mobile devices (Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7 (my personal hacks), multiple Androids, etc) all have built-in "timeouts" for request queues when reading/writing to a device (e.g. sdcard). This is because mobile devices are synchronous, with only a single device able to read or write bits at a time. Eveyrthing goes into a "queue" waiting to read/write, and everything has a timeout in that queue.
    08-24-2014 06:14 PM
  3. monsieurms's Avatar
    Class 10 is not that fast any more. It is standard. I have had class 10 64gb--no problem on an S4 and 2014 10.1 tablet. I've since replaced them with a class 10 128gb--no problem. Both 128gbs are SanDisk.

    --Cards should be formatted in device before use. I've always had good luck with that.
    08-30-2014 10:02 AM

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