1. krauster's Avatar
    I think I finally have it figured out.... MAYBE.

    I have a Galaxy S4. A PC with Picasa. And a google+ account. I use both the regular Samsung Camera app and sometimes the Google Camera app. I have Dropbox on my the phone and PC.

    When I take a picture with the Camera app it saves the picture to three places on the phone: 1) Gallery - Camera folder 2) Dropbox - Camera Uploads folder and 3) Google's Photo app by date. Then by wifi only Dropbox transfers the photo to the Dropbox cloud. And also the Google Photo app syncs the photo to the google+ account in the cloud. And then the photo ends up on my PC in a Dropbox Camera Uploads folder. I have Picasa on the PC set to always monitor that folder and it adds the image to Picasa into a Picasa folder.

    If I use the Google Camera app it is pretty much the same thing except that it goes to a different Camera folder in the Gallery. But it also saves to Dropbox and Google's photo app.

    I've noticed that if I have the Picasa app set to upload web albums it will end up putting a second copy of the image into the Google Photo app on the phone. So I don't have it upload web albums of those pictures that make it from the phone through dropbox into Picasa.

    The thing I haven't figured out is that I am putting the photos into three places on the phone, and it seems that if I want to delete stuff I have to delete them from the three individual locations. If I delete a photo from the Google Photo app it will also delete from the Gallery which is good, but not from Dropbox. If I delete from the Gallery it will not delete from Google Photo app nor from Dropbox. If I delete from Dropbox it will not delete from the Gallery or the Google Photo. So the best way to delete is from the Google Photo app but you still have to take it out of Dropbox. Either on the Dropbox on the phone or from the Dropbox app on the Computer or from Picasa. Seems a lot of hassle to have to delete from at least two or three places.

    Anybody have any better ideas for file management that doesn't involve multiple deletes from different places for each image?
    09-01-2014 09:57 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Even if you got rid of Dropbox altogether, you would still have to delete photos from 2 places: Gallery and Photos. Reason is the Gallery is for the original file, and then Photos gets a copy of it.

    To a degree, it's not a bad thing as you have multiple copies of photos in case one server or the other loses one (highly unlikely to happen but possible).
    09-01-2014 10:05 AM
  3. krauster's Avatar
    I'm wondering how others use this setup? I have a 32G memory card and I save the Gallery on the card so I have a lot of room for pictures.
    But I also take a lot of pictures worth deleting. I want to delete a lot of stuff just because it makes it easier to visually scan for things.
    09-01-2014 04:11 PM

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