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    i am on AT&T in a rural area where full signal strength is not possible. i had 3 iphones before the current S4 that i have now. i consistantly get 1 bar less service on my S4 compared to any of my previous iphones. i could talk in any room in the basement of my house on the iphones.....now im lucky to get a text through on my S4 (forget about making a call).

    i work in a large steel building. with my iphones i get 1 bar of 4G. this was enough to text and "sometimes" get a call through. with my S4 i get NOTHING.....NADDA......the big circle with a line through it.

    after putting up with this for a year, i am now to the point of looking into a new phone. i like everything about the phone better (in comparison to the iphone)......EXEPT the signal strength and battery life. so what should i do? go with an OS that i dont like as much to regain better signal/battery life? or is there another andriod powered device out there with better signal strength that would be similar to the iphone? thanks.
    09-05-2014 11:30 PM

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