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    Hey guys, I know there's been some threads on this topic before, but I don't see any new ones since Verizon instituted some new rules changes last month to make it harder to keep unlimited and hoping to hear some options.

    When I got my S4 last summer, Verizon had moved my (and lots of yours) end date to upgrade back by several months. Not wanting to keep my HTC phone and wait any longer, I went to a Verizon retailer (not official Verizon store) to see what they could do to upgrade to an S4 and keep my unlimited data (plus keep an opportunity to upgrade in less than 2 years by adding an extra line like I read a lot of you have done). They put me on a Shared plan (adding a 2nd dummy line for like $10/mo) and I got my S4.

    I went back to the store today to explore options again to upgrade (debating between S5 and LG G3) since I saw one of my lines was upgrade eligible and the guy basically said I'm screwed to upgrade now unless I switch to a data plan (he suggested 10gb for $140/mo) or buy a phone at cost (not an option and my wife would kill me if I shelled out like $600 for a phone). He said if I want to keep my unlimited plan I need to wait til my 2nd (dummy) line is upgrade eligible, which isn't til July 2015

    Are there other options that you all can suggest for me to upgrade earlier and keep unlimited?? Thanks.
    09-08-2014 12:38 PM

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