1. naseem73's Avatar
    something is wrong with my micro sd card on my android phone s4 i dunno whats wrong the problem started today first some apps weren't working which were mounted onto the micro sd and than all my other files were also gone and than when i put the sd card on the laptop than this message was appearing B\ is not accessible incorrect function i tried formatting it than, but the formatting option won't appear i tried formatting it through the phone but it still won't format please help out, help me to find a way to format it please, thanks
    09-08-2014 03:19 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but it sounds like your card is fried. If your computer cannot read it and what's more, cannot format it, it's certainly corrupt and probably damaged.

    I would try putting it into another phone just to see if that will read it, but I'm not very hopeful it'll work if a PC cannot access it.
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    09-08-2014 03:59 PM
  3. naseem73's Avatar
    the computer is reading it but it doesn't let it format i've been trying to format it through the phone and through the computer but it won't let it format, i don't know what to do, also i just don't understand how did this problem start i mean i don't understand how did the micro sd card become corrupted in the first place it was working fine before i don't understand what happened, just please help me find a way to format it at please thanks
    09-08-2014 04:09 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    SD Cards, believe it or not, are not too reliable. And in my experience with Samsung phones, they tend to fail A LOT (but for others they've worked flawlessly for years). You can really only format it either through a computer or a phone, not too many options there.

    You said the PC does read the card. Can you see any of the files in there? Open any of them? If so, have you tried writing any file onto the card? Try copying a picture or creating a TXT file just to test.
    09-08-2014 04:29 PM
  5. naseem73's Avatar
    it does recognize the drive shows but when i click on it it gives the message B\ is not accessible incorrect function i than tried formatting it but the formatting option doesn't show, i can i format it
    09-08-2014 05:38 PM
  6. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Yeah, that's what I thought. Again, I'm afraid your card is damaged. It will see that it's inserted, but it won't be able to access the data or write onto it, therefore, won't be able to format it either.

    Again, I'd try in a different PC but I wouldn't keep my hopes up
    09-08-2014 05:52 PM
  7. naseem73's Avatar
    so should i buy a new micro sd card than, if thats the answer than won't something happen to the sd card to in the future
    09-08-2014 07:16 PM
  8. Saurabh Chatrath's Avatar
    Firstly make sure ur card is properly dismounted from the phone and now switch off ur phone den insert the sd card and den turn it on den try maybe dis will work and if dis doesnt work try inserting it into the given samsung adapter (the bigger one) and den into ur computer and den format it. Hope this helps man i know this sd card problem can be frustrating!!!
    09-08-2014 08:55 PM
  9. naseem73's Avatar
    still not working looks like i'll have to buy a new sd card but won't the problem happen again even after i buy a new sd card
    09-08-2014 10:55 PM
  10. SpookDroid's Avatar
    And make sure to keep backups, especially if you use the SD Card for pictures.
    09-09-2014 01:22 PM

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