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    I've had my LG G2 for about 11 months now and love the phone. The two issues that are starting to bug me are -- lack of removable battery and that a lot of the LCD's seem to be frying on KitKat 4.4, which doesn't bode well, thus I've remained on 4.2.2 as it's been pretty much trouble free for me.

    Although I loved the LG G2 battery life when I first got the phone (I could easily go 2 full days with about 15% to spare), I'm finding I'm down to around 45% life after one day, meaning I usually need to charge it at night, or make sure I'm near a charger the 2nd day. Not to mention, if I'm out during the day and end up using my phone a ton (Hiking, using the GPS, hotspot, etc), I don't have an easy way to recharge it. Although this hasn't been *too* bad, there's been a few times where I've gotten really sticky and gotten home with 5-6% left.

    I figure the LG G2 - Galaxy S4 would be a reasonably fair trade on the open market -- and I'd get a 32GB SD card for the S4 as well. Anyone have both? I know the S4 has the 600 series CPU instead of the 800, but I really don't game that much on my phone. Just stupid piddling here and there.

    Thoughts? I know I'd get a Qi charger ASAP as I love wireless charging on my LG G2
    09-19-2014 09:21 AM

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