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    About a month ago, I started experiencing problems viewing youtube videos from within Chrome. The video was distorted with only a small section viewable in black and white. This only happened on two websites and dismissed it as a problem on their end. All other pages and sites worked, until yesterday.

    When I open a page with a youtube video, the video is available with the red play arrow on top of a screenshot captured from the video. When I push the play button, nothing happens. I then went to my youtube app and opened the same videos that were not working in Chrome. They all worked. It is like the video is not recognizing the play button was pushed. (Note: I have tried 4 different websites and pages. One website and page contains a video that worked Thursday evening.)

    Steps Taken

    (1) Closed all tabs in Chrome except one.
    (2) Rebooted.
    (3) Turned off WiFi; used 4G
    (4) Cleared cache for youtube app.
    (5) Uninstalled youtube updates.
    (6) Rebooted.
    (7) Cleared cache for Chrome.
    (8) Rebooted.
    (9) Cleared data from youtube.
    (10) Rebooted.
    (11) Cleared data from Chrome.
    (12) Played video from within Chrome on a Samsung Tab 7.
    (13) Played video from within Chrome on Sony VAIO laptop.
    (14) Attempted to play from within "Internet" app.
    (15) Installed newer youtube version.
    (16) Repeated pertinent steps above.
    (17) Turned device off for 5 minutes.
    (18) Removed battery for 2 minutes.

    Device Information

    (1) Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGH-1337)
    (2) Android Version 4.4.2
    (3) AT&T
    (4) Chrome v 37.0.2062.117
    (5) Internet v 1.5.28
    (6) YouTube v

    I am at a loss. Any ideas on what is happening? How I might correct this?


    10-05-2014 07:28 AM

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