1. Alex Ranah Minang's Avatar
    I don't remember exactly but around 2 months ago that it was realeased adn android update and after that another one more update also;before that first update my pone was running perfectly,but after the first update everything started to go wrong,phone running so slowly,lag in everything done,when for a while in my pocket it was power off when I took out,apps crashing,freezing,rebboting alone,sometimes when frozen it was completely unresponsive,touched home button but nothing happpen,touched then power buttton then screen turned black and couldn't turn on power on again,had to took out battery and then power on and even this sometimes it was difficult to power on,after many times tryingmpluging the usb cable on the plug,battery sign appearing and disappearing til at last start on......then allways after a power off and on again it usually worked smoothly and fine again,but only for a while,after a couple of hours of use,back to the same
    I made a Factory reset,and worked fine again but only for a day or two,then same....
    second android update came out and problema continued........
    Today I make a Factory reset again and runs better for al day but now start again with the same
    Before I made a Factory reset I was backed up but after the reset and restore from back up many things missing like appointments I was written in calendar,phone contacts...then had to settle again all the emails acounts,social networks......a lot to do to settle l reset
    I thought with the back up everything would be back like before and would not need to settle again all....I have 6 email accounts,two Facebook accounts,wechat,whatssapp,amazon,ebay,etsy,trover,youtube,linkdn,tumblr,google+,VK,and the list continues.....everything needed to settle again,like input all data again,sign in again to all and so on....
    Samsung SAT told me I am still inside the 2 years garantee,but if there is nothing related to hardware and is software related they will charge me for the job.
    In developer options I made as someone here told me,all animator scales to 0,force gpu rendering check,enable 4x MSAA check,disable hardware overlaying check and limit background apps to 4;it worked then very fast again but also same only for a while
    Abybody know whatr happens?is this because the android versión?when they will solve it ?but SAT from Samsung they did not told me that there is any isues with the last update versión
    thanks very much for replies
    10-10-2014 07:24 PM
  2. lazerproof's Avatar
    I had a similar problem when upgrading from android 4.1.1 to 4.1.2 on my GS3. I also forgot to back up 4.1.1. before I upgraded. That is when I decided to root and go to a different rom. Going forward before I do any upgrades, I will wait to see what others are saying and always back up your original rom if you can. The only thing I could suggest is to find the original version of android that came with your phone and revert back to it. You might be able to find a link to it somewhere here or on XDA developers forum.
    10-10-2014 08:23 PM

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