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    I added an email account to my Samsung Galaxy S4 using the pre-installed "Email" app. It's just a standard Juno Webmail account. I have the Sync Schedule set to manual... however, it seems to be automatically syncing throughout the day. I am getting new email notifications when I haven't even gone into the Email app.

    Strangely enough, I have another email account set up this way, also set to Manual sync... and that works fine. It only syncs when I open up the Email app and go to that account. This however, runs on the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

    I could turn off Sync entirely, but then I would have to turn it on again every time I wanted to check my email. I don't really want to check this email very often (maybe once a week), but that is still kind of annoying when it's all because the manual sync isn't working correctly.

    Any ideas on how to fix this? Am I doing something wrong?

    Email account is syncing automatically even though I have it set to manual?-unnamed.png
    10-13-2014 02:40 PM

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