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    I'm on android 4.4.4.
    While using my phone it'll sometimes (more so often) to turn mute even if my sound is on. Blocking mode is off. Tried safe mode but still has the problem.
    This is suppose to be a brand new phone. Even if there is sound, when I switch to vibrate or silent then back to sound, sometimes sound is gone again.
    When sound is gone, no music can be played, no notification, nothing even with headphones on.
    Restarting it doesn't always work, don't want to try factory reset because I just got the phone.
    Tested out the hardware function and seems that "speaker" is the only one not working.
    Tried pressing on the speaker area or blowing on it but nothing.
    Tried the headphone jack trick and nothing.
    Sometimes when sound is muted and tried to play music, the music app glitches and alternate play/pause and skips shuffles through songs quickly.

    Help someone...
    10-20-2014 07:38 PM

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