1. cwalden's Avatar
    First one of my accounts would not send outgoing email accounts. It did at one time but I think after an update it stopped. Another account I have worked fine. Now that one doesn’t either.

    In the course of my trying to fix it I just reset my whole phone. Not the brightest things I have ever done but not the end of the world. Yes I lost things. lol. No it didn’t fix it.

    Now I have the problem with both accounts not syncing to the phone. I can see everything online but almost nothing on the phone.

    I have read online and done the following:
    • Deleted and re-entered each account
    • Settings->Account Settings->My specific email account->Sync settings
    • Open Settings then tap Data usage then click on Menu and check Auto-sync data.
    • Verified email IMAP settings.

    One of the suggestions is to: From your mobile phone: Settings -> Accounts -> Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync -> choose your accounts -> Sync Email. When I do this I get “a network error has occurred, or your account may not be supported by Exchange server. Try again when network is available, or enter your account settings manually”.
    10-23-2014 10:47 AM
  2. wjeffries's Avatar
    You might need to set up your account settings manually. I have always had to do this. The automatic settings never have connected for me. If you don't know the account settings, you'll probably need to contact your network administrator.
    10-23-2014 10:54 AM

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