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    Hey guys, any idea on this? During the day when I'm at work or using my phone a few times an hour my batter drops anywhere from 15 - 20% per hour. A good day I will get 5 hours out of it.

    At night, with the phone screen dark and just sitting on my nightstand, I will burn about 8 - 10% per hour. Last night I woke up to feed my daughter at 2AM and left it unplugged as a test. When I got up at 6AM for the day it was down to 70%.

    Battery Life Help-screenshot_2014-11-05-06-15-54.jpg

    I am rooted and running saferoot with stock TW rom, with Nova Launcher. Google New voice recognition is disabled.

    I've tried uninstalling apps but nothing makes an obvious difference. Also did a battery replacement with an OEM and no change. I can't pinpoint when this happened but I installed wakelock detector and some culprits look like

    Google Search
    500 Firepaper
    Nine (Activesync email)

    .. those are the top of the list ofr wakelocks.

    It's just awake all the time somehow.

    Battery Life Help-wakelock.jpg

    Any tips or ideas? Thanks!

    I should add I notice my phone has gotten really slow recently, sometimes not responding to button presses and lagging big time between screens. Not entirely certain why, but I assume they are related somehow.
    11-05-2014 03:07 PM

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