1. Quadpit's Avatar
    I have a Russian exchange student daughter in Moscow who is very cash poor and wanted to send her my Galaxy S4 to replace her failing smart phone. If I understand it the S4 is a global phone and if I send it to her she should be able to insert a SIM card and use it there as a replacement?
    11-17-2014 10:34 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    As long as the phone is unlocked (most Verizon ones are, but you might want to confirm by popping in a different carrier SIM card and see if it works) and it supports the right frequencies, yes, she can use it.

    Now, depending on the carrier she's gonna use this with, even though your phone is 'global', it might be stuck with 2G or 3G and not have LTE (if your S4 has LTE capabilities) and maybe not even that and just be restricted to voice only. Do you know which carrier she's in?
    11-17-2014 12:05 PM

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