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    Hi all my s4 will show charge screen and blank. I have changed batterys and dead. If I plug charger in with new charged battery it will turn on say low battery and shut down. At this point the top of the phone is to hot to touch. After this the phone will be unresponsive for around 30 mins. I am good with electronics have a microscope and solder station to hand. Any ideas? It stated with phone getting warm and battery draining quicker than normal. The battery died and I couldn't charge for a few hours so battery was completely dead. Never got hot charging before this. my external charger suggests the original battery is good
    02-24-2015 04:00 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Something near the top od the phone is evidently shorted. If it's an internal short in a component, you'll need a testing station for that component, so you're probably out of luck in that direction.

    Disassemble the phone, let it start warming up and start touching parts around the warm area. When you say "ouch", that's probably the bad component. Camera, maybe? Something on the motherboard up at the top (which means a motherboard replacement)?
    02-24-2015 04:33 PM
  3. Android_Ayub's Avatar
    Hello Paul! My name is Android_Ayub and am 14. I suggest at this point to convert to the qualcomm charger or to Try a different outlet
    This can go hand in hand with the above suggestion. Try a different outlet to make sure it’s not a power socket issue.

    Try using a computer or car charger
    Using a computer or car charger instead of a wall charger can sometimes put a quick charge on your battery and get it to respond as well.

    Keep charging it
    If you have tried these methods and your phone isn’t responsive due to its battery being drained 100% then it can be difficult to get your phone to charge again. Try charging it for at LEAST a couple hours on an outlet you know to be working, even all night if possible. Lithium ion batteries can take a while to get to charge again if drained all the way. So try charging it for a while, to see if you can get it to take a charge again.

    You might need a new battery
    If you try these tips and suggestions or have tried all these things already and there is still no response, and your phone is completely dead and will not recognize a charger then you might need to try another battery.

    You can buy another battery online, again I recommend Amazon, but if you have had your phone for less than a year and the battery is not damaged in any way (check the gold leads that connect the battery to the phone and the liquid damage indicator, also check the battery for any bloating, warping, or corrosion or buildup). If your battery is in good shape and you have owned it less than a year then chances are you can get a brand new replacement battery for FREE under your manufacture warranty. So try that first because free is always in my price range.

    Try a different charger
    If you have tried a different battery then make sure you try your original charger first, as mentioned above. If there is no response then it might not be your battery but your charger that has malfunctioned and might need replacing. If you have any spare chargers try those to see if you can get a charge out of your phone.
    02-24-2015 04:33 PM

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