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    Hi guys.
    First of all thank you for reading. glad i registered at last, big fan of android devices and of the samsung s4.

    I got a 2nd hand phone that had problems with the sensors and battery: the battery would show as charged but the phone would switch off with no warning, and would only start again once plugged back in. Also, the screen would rotate in reverse, and compass and spirit level apps would too? The light sensor wasnt working, etc etc. huge list. I decided to get a new motherboard, whcih arrived yesterday. To my surprise the phone still has the same errors??

    ..this means that either both motherboards have the same fault (is this a common fault?) or that the fault is somewhere else... I dont have access to any parts right now, I was wondering whether this sounded familiar to any of you guys?
    03-19-2015 03:31 PM

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