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    I have an S4 (4.4.2 non rooted) and a few months ago is 'locked' in all of the existing WIFI networks I had added (there was no event that did this to my knowledge, I just noticed they were all back at one point). Now whenever I turn on WIFI or restart my phone, it restores all of those old networks and passwords. Each time I have the phone "forget" them, and re-add the ones I need with the correct passwords. Next restart, all of the deleted ones are back, and all the passwords have reverted to the old useless versions.

    Of course I forget about this every Monday morning when I get to work and by the time I get to my desk, my account is locked. the only wifi type App I have added is 'Fing.'

    Any ideas?
    04-08-2015 06:50 PM

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