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    I was using my Galaxy S4 when it suddenly froze, then rebooted itself. Now, it is telling me that my password is incorrect, even though I am 1000% sure that I am typing it correctly.

    I have typed it over and over, to the point where it now says that if I fail to type in the correct password 5 more times, all of the data on the phone will be reset.

    I think the issue might be related to me having updated to Android Lollipop about two days ago. This is the first time the phone has rebooted since I updated to Lollipop. Could something have happened during the update? Or did Lollipop change my password?

    Here is an image of what is shown: prntscr.com/70duon (The part I crossed out is my name. Also, I am not actually German, but I bought this phone from a German website.)

    My phone is encrypted, which I think is the reason why the password screen is gray instead of my regular wallpaper. I have not changed my password in over a year, and have typed it in dozens of times. I am definitely typing it correctly.

    I have already tried resetting the password through the Google Play Android Device Manager, to no avail. My phone is listed, but neither "ringing" nor "locking" the phone do anything, probably because the phone is encrypted and therefore does not connect to the internet before the password is successfully entered. When I try ringing/locking, it says that the "reset was successfully sent", but nothing actually happens to the phone.

    Plugging the phone into my PC over USB also does not work. Windows shows that it is installing the drivers, but the phone is not listed in 'Computer', again most likely because the phone is encrypted/locked by password.

    Any ideas how I can either get this phone unlocked, or my data recovered?
    05-01-2015 03:46 PM
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    The "issue" is probably "related" to the fact that when a computer crashes there's no guarantee what it'll do, including writing garbage to storage. At this point, I think your only option is to do a factory reset. (Which is why everything important should always be backed up.)
    05-01-2015 07:04 PM

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