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    After waiting 5 years to get new cell phones, my husband and I purchased Galaxy S4's on Friday night. Sunday night I was cleaning my kitchen, grabbed the phone to add something to my grocery list app, laid it back on the kitchen counter on top of some mail I thought was level -- and it wasn't level. My brand new phone slid off the counter and onto the floor, face first. The screen is cracked in the upper left hand corner, and I can only see the top 1/2" of the screen; the rest is black. It appears to still be functioning, I just can't see anything. Is there any hope?

    We bought them from Best Buy; they said that if we didn't get the Geek protection there is nothing they can do. I have insurance, but I called and verified that most likely it will be a refurbished phone, and my deductible is $149, half the cost of a brand new phone. And besides, I don't want someone else's phone, I want new! We waited and waited to be able to afford new phones.

    I am heartbroken.
    05-04-2015 11:28 AM
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    That is unfortunate this happened. Yes the deductible is a hard one to swallow especially when your getting a refurb in return.

    The only other real option you would have is to explore one of the many kiosks or independent shops near your home that offer screen replacement. Someone who has done it many times can safely and properly change a screen, but the key is finding a place that has this " reputation " of being a dependable repair shop. Again, do some investigating and compare prices and shop around as this is really your only option outside of paying the insurance deductible to replace the device/screen.
    05-04-2015 07:16 PM

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