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    Hi everyone, wonder if anyone can help me.

    I previously had a galaxy s4, I managed to drop it one day and smash the screen to the point where you couldn't use the phone.

    At the time I only had a tiny bit to pay off on my contract so instead of paying out to fix it I payed my contract up and upgraded to an iPhone 6.

    Obviously got a new phone sorted that's when I remembered there was tons of pics and vids on the s4 what I'd want to save etc

    Problem is how do I do that? Previously I was able to plug the s4 into my computer and access the dcim folder where everything was stored, when trying to do that now nothing comes up . The computer pics up the s4 plugged in but just says folder is empty.

    Have I now lost all pics etc or is there some miracle of getting them back? The SIM card in the phone has been deactivated due to the iPhone needing a different sim so I got a new one with my new phone.

    Could that be the reason nothing is showing up as there isn't a SIM card active in the s4 or shouldn't that matter?

    I had no sd card in the s4 so everything was saved internal.

    Hope iv explained myself enough for someone to help.

    Kind regards

    05-18-2015 11:44 AM

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