1. MTLVMPR's Avatar
    I tried to install CM12 to my Galaxy S4 Active but the google apps were crashing, so I reinstalled it and now only the recovery menu. I'm typing this with NDS but I'll be on my PC in an hour.
    If it's not possible to install CM12, I'm open for recommendations.
    Forgive my formatting...
    05-28-2015 11:35 AM
  2. Fedginator's Avatar
    Try flashing cm12 without gapps. If it works then try flashing smaller gapps packages (eg. Pico) and see if the error remains

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    05-28-2015 01:26 PM
  3. MTLVMPR's Avatar
    Probably fully bricked now:/
    05-29-2015 06:35 AM

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