1. mattl2's Avatar
    Last night I noticed that the power button would no longer wake up my S4, only the home button would wake it up. The power button would also not turn off the screen or pull up the power off/reset/airplane mode menu. I decided to reset the phone by taking out the battery, taking the risk that the power button was damaged and I wouldn't be able to turn it back on. Sure enough the phone would not turn on. Sounds like the power button is the problem, right? Well here's two more puzzle pieces to suggest otherwise: When I plug in the phone to its charger the orange light doesn't turn on (tried using two different charged batteries - battery is not the problem.) Second oddity is that when you pop in a battery, generally nothing happens until you press the power button. However in this case a few seconds after the battery is inserted, the phone vibrates and the "Samsung Galaxy S4" logo appears, then disappears. This never normally happens. After the logo goes away the phone bricks. Nothing will happen until I replace the battery, then it vibrates and shows the logo again, then bricks.
    06-03-2015 02:58 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Sounds as if the power button isn't open, it's shorted. In either case, pressing it doesn't do anything, but if it's shorted, it's like holding it down (wen it's working), then putting the battery in.

    At any rate, the phone has to go to the shop.
    06-03-2015 04:54 PM
  3. ckkhoo's Avatar
    This video tells you how to troubleshoots and fixes it. Brilliant!

    06-27-2015 02:19 AM

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