1. Crunchyhippo's Avatar
    I don't download things very often from the Google Play Store, and I'm the only one who uses my phone. I just tried to download a song, and I got the error "the password you entered is incorrect." I've never changed my password, and I just downloaded something a few days ago with it. I have no idea why I suddenly can't access the Play Store - but I'm now locked out and can't download squat. And this password is specific to the Play Store - my normal email password for my Google email is different, and neither have changed for months. And btw, I don't have Google+ on my phone that I'm aware of (I deleted it; I heard it caused issues and I never used it anyway).

    I don't want to have to call Google support and pay $30.00 for a solution when the problem isn't my fault to begin with. Any suggestions?
    06-22-2015 07:46 AM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    Do you have more that one Google account set in your phone? Try this, open the Play Store and tap on the hamburger menu top left. There you can see the account (Gmail address) that's signed in. Tap on the tiny arrow to see other Google accounts that you added to your phone.
    06-22-2015 08:31 AM
  3. Crunchyhippo's Avatar
    Yes, I do have another gmail account - I use it to upload my Youtube videos. I signed out of that account at Youtube and went back into the Play Store. and tried to sign in again. Same error. I clicked on the menu like you said, and my usual email address appears under my name like normal. I can tap the tiny arrow and see the other gmail email associated wtih my Youtube account, though. The only place on the phone that I can think of that I would be signed in to it would be Youtube, and I just signed out of it - so I don't know why I'm still being locked out of my Play Store account.
    06-22-2015 09:21 AM
  4. Javier P's Avatar
    Have you tried signing in Play store with the same account from a computer? Same password error?
    06-22-2015 09:31 AM

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