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    The rear facing camera on my galaxy s4 hasn't been working. Every once in a while it will turn on but after I take a picture it will return to a black screen. I have tried alot of things. At first I restarted it a few times, then I did a factory reset, and it still didn't work. Later that night after my first factory reset it worked again and the next day it went out again. I did yet another factory reset and it still didn't work.

    I've also gone to application manager and done the force stop and clear data thing a number of times. I've tried to go to safe mode but safe mode won't turn on. The main problem is I don't have a warranty anymore on my phone so a repair would take loads of time and money. I have also deleted all third party apps and there still was a problem. This is a huge pain in the ****, and because of this problem I didn't get any pictures on my trip to DC.

    If anyone could give me answers that I haven't already tried that would be greatly appreciated

    And if this helps I downloaded kit kat 2 days before the problem started appearing
    06-25-2015 04:21 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Is the app going blank or the camera taking blank pictures? If the latter, then try using a 3rd party camera app (even Instagram or Facebook can work, as long as you use their cameras). If the 3rd party app takes blank pictures, the problem is your camera hardware, and I'm sorry, but the only way to fix that is to find out which part is faulty (sensor, connector, lens, etc.) and replace it.
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    06-25-2015 06:32 PM

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