1. Maratop's Avatar
    I've seen this issue on a few other forums - my Wifi shuts itself off, then won't allow me to turn it back on. It stays gray in my settings no matter how many times I tell it to turn on, click it, swipe it, whatever.

    The common fix is to remove the battery, and you know what? It works, for maybe 8 hours or so while I'm at work. Then I come home, and auto network switch is enabled, and the bull**** with my Wifi being permanently off starts over again.

    I've only had this phone for about ten months, and I have to remove the ****ing battery once a day in order to get Wifi. Is anyone on the Android team planning to fix this? Or is it just hilarious to them somehow?
    07-02-2015 01:32 AM
  2. Ammarasyad's Avatar
    Might be a software fault, because battery doesn't affect wifi

    Posted via the Android Central App from my Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500
    07-02-2015 03:41 PM

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