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    The last couple of days I've completely messed with my S4 after I rooted and uninstalled some stuff that I really shouldn't have (haven't we all been there?), and long story short I soft-bricked my phone. After hours of toil, I managed to get Odin to recognise my device in download mode, and I flashed a stock ROM back onto it. Great! Well, maybe... the thing is, I'm on the UK mobile network Virgin Mobile, and when the device is booting, the Three logo comes up. When I get into the phone, there's all this Three-related bloatware. However, the phone still connects just fine to Virgin.

    Can anyone tell me if this will be an issue in future? Is there anyway for me to fix it, perhaps just remove the Three splash on boot? The bloatware I can just freeze once I re-root (never uninstalling system apps again, I've learned my lesson!).

    Thanks for any insight,

    07-09-2015 07:39 AM

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