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    I have owned this phone for about 3 months and I have had awesome battery life until recently....about a month after I updated to lollipop. I bought a new battery hoping it was the battery causing the drain. I have tried everything from clearing the cache to wiping the device and still no change. Is there any assistance I can further get? Screenshots of my battery usage are attached

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    Attached Thumbnails My Gs4 drains battery way too fast-screenshot_2015-07-20-10-59-08.jpg  
    07-20-2015 03:59 AM
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    It's an issue with Android Lollipop causing your battery drain. When my S4 was on Lollipop, I'd average 11.5 hours battery life with 3.5 hours of SOT. I downgraded to Kitkat and am now getting 14 hours battery life with 4.5-5.5 hours SOT. If you don't like the idea of downgrading your OS, you could try:
    1. Use auto-brightness,
    2. Disable Wifi/Mobile data when not in use or on standby,
    3. Keep power saving on,
    4. Disable Wifi scanning,
    5. Disable Sync and unnecessary apps and services.

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    07-21-2015 04:10 PM
  3. Preston matope1's Avatar
    However i wanted to ask if it is possible to load an alternative Rom like that situation of the S4 LTE-A version that got a custom Rom for the Note 4. I read comments from users saying their Ram management got way better

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    07-27-2015 02:08 AM

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