1. Alex Puni's Avatar
    I bought an S4 today and i already have 2 minor problems -had, actually- now it's only one:

    The first problem was that the phone kept restarting itself when i was not using it for 3-4, sometimes 10 minutes. I solved that by updating all the apps that needed updates in the Play Store.

    The second problem is still here. I got home and my battery was around 40%, i went outside for about an hour and when i got back it was at 9% so i plugged the charger in and i kept using the phone, but the battery was still draining, so now i have to not use it so it can actually charge... Is this some hardware problem or is it caused by KitKat?
    08-11-2015 03:36 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    The stock charger and cable should be able to charge it even when it's on. (Current into the battery = <about>1200mA - the amount being used by the phone - which shouldn't be more than about 700mA. I'd bring it back - with the charger and the cable - and ask the carrier to figure out what's wrong and fix it, or replace it. (I ran KitKat from when it came out until now [I hate Lillipop], and never had that problem unless I was running so many transmitters [Bluetooth, phone call, wifi, all at once with weak signals] that I was the cause of the problem.)
    08-11-2015 03:49 PM
  3. Alex Puni's Avatar
    Oh well, thanks, it seems better now anyways. I'm on my phone right now and charghing it, with no problems besides that it's really slow.
    08-11-2015 04:19 PM

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