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    I have a rooted Galaxy s4 with original Samsung Lollipop firmware installed. I have 140 apps on my phone. The biggest ones take around ~100MB of space. I went to storage settings and under apps it showed that all apps take 7GB of storage. I moved most of them to SD Card but that saved only a couple hundreds of MB's. When I go to the list of apps and sum up all of the storage that is shown under every app I get maybe only 3GB with all of the SD card apps included. Also in storage settings under other files it shows that they take 1.14GB, but when I open it and sum up those files I get only around 100MB. I tried CleanMaster and CCleaner and those apps cleaned up around 800MB of cache, history and stuff like that, but there is still something that takes a couple of Gb's of my internal storage
    08-24-2015 01:39 PM

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