1. PatrickMcIntosh's Avatar
    Please help!! Is there an easier way of accessing screenshots via the galaxy s4, instead of connecting to a pc??
    I know how to take a screenshot, that much is clear to me, and i know how find them when i connect the s4 to my pc.

    I find it impossible to locate screenshots directly through the s4.

    Is there something i am missing, or an app to download?

    I think it rather odd that Samsung and Android didnt implement anything on the s4 model in this respect.

    Any help would greatly be apprciated, as i cant even find any online tutorials either.

    Thank you
    Droids Rule!!
    08-29-2015 03:35 AM
  2. AzharB17's Avatar
    Are they not available in a folder called "Screenshots" in your Gallery? (try the album view)
    08-29-2015 03:54 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Or in Pictures/Screenshots on the internal SD card?
    08-29-2015 10:37 PM

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