1. AC Question's Avatar
    the phone is acting as if there are headphones connected and I cannot hear anything.
    09-03-2015 03:57 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Look carefully inside the headphone jack--is there any debris? Sometimes, the tip of a headphone plug can even break off inside the jack.
    09-03-2015 02:37 PM
  3. louise1842's Avatar
    I have tried 4 different sets of earbuds with my Galaxy S4 including two sets of Samsung branded earbuds. None will work with my phone but they will work with other devices. My odd twist is that I can use my over the ear Sony headphones with my S4 just fine. They are the only headphones I can get to work. Why is my phone rejecting the earbuds? I don't want to wear the over the ear set when I'm out.
    09-29-2015 11:34 AM

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